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Linover Code Enforcement

The Linover Improvement Association is committed to preserving a high quality of life, maintaining health and safety, and elevating property values in our ever changing community.  To this end we have prepared this page advising you what the Baltimore County Code requires of our community residents.

On this page we are posting articles previously published in the Linover Improvement Association newsletters.  These articles will advise you as to what the various code requirements are, and also how to properly deal with them. Code violations should be reported to the Linover Code Committee at our email – You may also call 410-xxx-xxxx to report your complaint. The committee will investigate the complaint; if the complaint is valid it will be forwarded to Baltimore County Code enforcement for Action. You may also call Baltimore County Code Enforcement direct at 410-887-3351, or at their website

The Linover Code Enforcement Committee keeps the names of people reporting complaints confidential. Baltimore County Code Enforcement will then investigate and if valid, a citation will be issued giving a set amount of time to correct the violation.  If the violation is not corrected within the time frame allowed, fines can be assessed against the property owner.

We hope this page will be helpful in properly maintaining your  property and helping to keep Linover a healthy, safe, and quality community in which to live.

Common Preventable Issues

The owner of every animal shall be responsible for the removal of his animal’s excreta deposited on public or private property.   This includes dogs.  It also includes your own yard.  It is a health and pest hazard.

SOLUTION: Clean it up.

Any building, other structure or land, or any portion thereof, which is used for housing more than three dogs.

SOLUTION: If you have more than 3 dogs you are considered a Kennel and a code violation. You must apply for a kennel license and maintain your property in accordance to the county  regulations.


High grass and weeds and accumulation of yard waste (tree branches, bushes, etc.) not ready for disposal or county recycling is a violation.

SOLUTION: Clean it up.  Baltimore County has yard/lawn waste recycling pick-up everyother week.  

Any land publicly or privately owned (porches, decks, yards) on which there is a deposit and accumulation of refuse, including but not limited to waste materials, waste products, waste paper, tree branches, shrubbery, yard waste, garbage, empty cans, broken glass, rags, car parts.  Hazardous materials such as paint, gas, oil, electronics, tv’s, computers and solvents are included in this list.

SOLUTION: The County Landfill is located at Eastern Sanitary Landfill,  Days Cove Road. It accepts bulk miscellaneous items free of charge to Baltimore County residents.  The Eastern Landfill is opened Monday – Saturday, 7 AM – 3:30 PM. Any questions, or for bulk pick-up, call the landfill office at 410-887-2000. For $15 they will pick up to 2 items from the curb.  FYI -  Dumpsters can be rented at Home Depot in various sizes from 4 cubic feet to 40 cubic feet.  Consider sharing the cost and use of the dumpster with a neighbor.

Owner occupied violations including but not limited to unsafe or unsanitary premises, rubbish/garbage not stored in covered trash receptacles, exterior of dwelling not structurally sound, defective roof, steps, chimney, windows, doors, fences, peeling/flaking paint.

NOTE:  Property must really be a hazard or unsightly in the community before the property owner will be cited.

SOLUTION: Maintain your property’s appearance for your safety, your neighbor’s and property value.


Some typical building code violations are vacant building open to general public, vacant/rental property with broken windows, holes in roof, missing porch/shutters, permit required to construct, enlarge, alter or demolish the following:  Decks, sheds, garage, addition.  Construction site must be kept in a safe/sanitary condition and free of excessive accumulation of trash

SOLUTION: Call 410-887-3900 for permit information.

What should you do about violations?

Baltimore County Code Enforcement will assess and fine violators.

If your neighbors are in code violation, try talking to them about it.  Show them the article in the newsletter.  There may be reasons (physical, medical, etc.) why they haven’t been able to correct the problem yet.  If that is not an option to you, call the Baltimore County Code Enforcement Office at 410-887-3351 and report the violation.  Reporting of code violations is the responsibility of the concerned resident.  Some violations are not easily visible.  If you complain to Baltimore County, they can access the property to confirm the violation and take action.

After you have notified Baltimore County about the violation(s), contact the Linover Association at if you feel the county has not responded in a timely or appropriate manner.  At this time, Linover’s involvement is advisory and supportive.  The Linover Association will lend assistance in following up on the situation and help to rectify the matter.

Linover Code Enforcement Committee:
Phone: 410-xxx-xxxx
Baltimore County Code Enforcement:
Phone: 410-887-3351