Current News

Current News

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We are currently experiencing a problem with the website that we hope to get resolved by this weekend.  The calendar of events is not available.  In the meantime, you can go to this calendar link.


Get ready for Santa to visit your children!

The 9th Annual Santa Visit is coming up on December 11th! In order to get Santa Claus to show up to your house, please printout and fill out the form, or fill out the online Google form.  Submissions must be received by December 6th.

Get added to LIAs email distribution list for newsletter distribution?

We will NOT be printing any newsletters in 2014!  Due to low membership and high costs to print the newsletter, all issues will be sent out through email, social media and this website.  We will still be creating 10 electronic newsletters for 2014.  Jan/Feb and Jun/Jul will be combined months.  If you want to make sure that you receive the latest information delivered to your email folder at the beginning of each month, please sign up to be on our distribution list.  Your information will always be kept confidential!  If you have previously provided an email when you paid your dues, your email has been added to the distribution.  If you do not receive the newsletter at the beginning of the month, send us a new email.  We probably spelled it wrong the first time.

Membership Dues will stay at $10 except for PayPal payments.

We had to either raise membership dues or stop printing the newsletter.  It was a hard decision for the board to make, but we did not want to charge more than we had to.  Unfortunately, we are adding $0.61 to PayPal payments to offset the hit we take to pay for each PayPal transaction.  We are still collecting $10 for the membership, but we are asking you to pay for the convenience of using PayPal.  We hope you understand.  You can still pay by check and mail it to us, or pay at events.  You can still donate any amount you like with the other PayPal option at the bottom of the Membership page.

Pay 2014 LIA membership dues!