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Pet Finder

Welcome to the Linover Pet Registry!

This page is here to help owners of their pets pre-register them in the unfortunate event of one going missing from their home.  Residents can view the album of photos here to become familiar with the pets that live around them and to be aware when a pet shows up in their yard unexpectedly.  Pet owners can also use this site to hook up with other pets for a doggie play date if they like.

  • View the photo album of pets living in the Linover neighborhood containing their names and other identifying information.


  • Add your pet's photo to the online photo album.

Submit your pet's photo to us at We are aware that some people may not want to provide too much identifying information about themselves, so provide only the amount you are comfortable with. In the email, include:

 - a recent photo

 - name of pet

 - your name

 - address

 - phone number

 - traits of your pet (does she bite, has her claws, shy, aggressive, friendly, etc)

 - Is your pet microchipped?

 - Does your pet respond to his name?

In the future, we hope to have a user submittable form where all the information provided can be uploaded automatically.  For now, we will have to read your emails and enter the information manually.


  • View lost & found websites of pets.


- The best place to start looking is at the Baltimore county animal shelter.  Search for both dogs and cats by area.

- Check out the lost & found on

- If you are on Facebook, there is a Baltimore County Pet connection page.


  • Important information on what to do if you lose a pet. is a microchipping and pet recovery service is a great location for finding all the animal shelters.  You can also register a pet here if they are microchipped, adopt a pet, and learn about animal care.

Dogs Finding Dogs is an animal tracking service for your pet. They are a non-profit and charge a one time fee of $200 and it is tax deductable.  They keep searching until they find your pet.